My classroom resources pages:
Chemistry 1210 on line resources (password required)
Chemistry 1220 on line resources (password required)

On line interactive textbook:
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4

Chapter 5
Chapter 6

Flash cards:
chemical symbol flash cards
nomenclature flash cards
VSEPR flash cards

VSEPR examples:
VSEPR table with interactive jsmol models
VSEPR shapes

VSEPR and valence bond theory interactive tutorials, small molecules:
AX4E0 geometry, methane
AX3E1 geometry, ammonia
AX2E2 geometry, water
nitrate ion
carbon dioxide

VSEPR and valence bond theory interactive tutorials, organic molecules:
acetic acid

Organic functional group tutorials:
Hydrocarbons: alkanes
Hydrocarbons: cycloalkanes
Hydrocarbons: branched chain alkanes
Hydrocarbons: Alkenes (coming soon)

Conformational dynamics tutorials:
Hydrocarbons: Conformations of butane interactive tutorial

Structures of solids tutorials
Structure of ice jsmol interactive tutorial

Other links of interest:
my youtube channel with VSEPR animations/tutorials
states of water
strong acid strong base titration
weak acid weak base titration
carbon allotropes