Tutorials to accompany Biochemistry a short course 1st and 2nd editions.

These are tutorials/solutions to problems from the 1st and 2nd editions of the text. The numbering scheme indicates the chapter (ch2 is chapter 2) and problem from the text (p9 is number 9). So, ch2p9 provides the solution to chapter 2, problem 9.

I created these videos but transferred the copyrights to Freeman publishing so please do not distribute them, though you are welcome to use them to help in solving problems.

ch2p15 pH indicator

ch6p19 delta G reaction DHAP to G3P

ch6p22 Free energy of phosphoglucomutase reaction

ch7p10 Michaelis-Menten equation: calculate Vmax for defined v and [S]

ch7p7 penicillinase kinetics

ch8p6 calculate Km and Vmax from data; determine inhibition type

ch8p7 Km and Vmax in presence of an inhibitor

ch15p11 pyruvate kinase equlibrium and delta G

ch15p30 delta G hydrolysis ATP in tissue

ch19p25 malate dehydrogenase bioenergetics

ch20p4 succinate dehydrogenase bioenergetics

ch21p33 ATP synthase bioenergetics

ch22p27 photosystem I energetics

ch22p28 light capture by photosynthetic bacteria

ch26p16 metabolic labeling and tracing using 14C glucose